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Mission Gables House Art Show

Wow, what a great show with a great choice of art to purchase. Many thanks to the 32 artists who came and set up in the house and park. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, visiting with friends, chatting to customers and making new connections.

2013-08-24 10.41.27  Outside in the park beside the Redlands Bowl with the house to the left (bottom photo)

Ceramics, photography, decorated gourds, hand blown glass, jewelry, wooden boxes, hand made pens were just some of the offerings outside.

   2013-08-24 10.41.39

Mission Gables House underwent a multi-million dollar restoration over several years. The house is shared between the Associates of Redlands Bowl who perpetually fund raise to support the Redlands Bowl summer music festival and the Redlands Community Music Association. It opened last year and although it has been used this was to be the first open public event. We had just 8 weeks to organize the show and it worked. The associates were kind enough to lend chairs, tables and tablecloths for the event. Inside artists were able to set up Friday afternoon and these were just a few of the stalls that I had a chance to photograph. Saturday, Associates ensured the smooth running of the show with snacks and water and covering for artists who needed a quick break.

2013-08-23 16.26.32

Upstairs: framed art, cards, matted art & tiles, ceramics, hand made soap, decoupage boxes & glass ornaments.

2013-08-23 16.26.38

One table set up ready to be adorned with jewelry on Saturday morning

2013-08-23 16.17.15

Downstairs we had ceramics, woven wall hangings, jewelry, prints, etchings & cards

Once again, many thanks to everyone who participated in the show either as an artist, an Associate of Redlands Bowl, customers for coming out in August heat. A special thanks to 3 sons and their friends who gave up an evening to set up furniture and gave up an afternoon to help artists unload and carry in their work into the house.

August already and a new “To Do” or is it panic stations?!

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My new knee is 3 weeks old today

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Meetup/July Goals

So here we are the 1st July and have 2 new knees! The 2nd one is officially 1 week old today! There has been a horrendous mix up over the amount of physiotherapy I’m entitled to but I went ahead anyhow. I was led to believe I was entitled to another 30 physio sessions becauseContinue Reading

Artists For A Cause 2011

Artists For A Cause 2011

Here we are a week from Thanksgiving one more show this month for me – Art On State Street and the traditional marching band competition, away trip,  and visit to Magic Mountain. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain on Sunday because it if does Magic Mountain and Art on State Street will be postponed! We hadContinue Reading