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Mission Gables House Art Show

Wow, what a great show with a great choice of art to purchase. Many thanks to the 32 artists who came and set up in the house and park. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, visiting with friends, chatting to customers and making new connections.   Outside in the park beside the Redlands Bowl with… Continue Reading

August already and a new “To Do” or is it panic stations?!

Wow, what happened to July? Its 6 weeks since my knee replacement and 2.5 weeks until the Mission Gables House Art Show. I haven’t been as out of it as I was in February and March but time has run away with physio 3 times a week. My knee is getting stronger, but I still… Continue Reading

My new knee is 3 weeks old today

Yup, and I am so much more mobile! The staples … all 30 came out last Tuesday and physio is much easier without the skin pulling around the staples (sorry to gross you out! Please note I’ve spared you all the photos which grossed my sister out!) Physio finally got sorted after more phone calls… Continue Reading

Meetup/July Goals

So here we are the 1st July and have 2 new knees! The 2nd one is officially 1 week old today! There has been a horrendous mix up over the amount of physiotherapy I’m entitled to but I went ahead anyhow. I was led to believe I was entitled to another 30 physio sessions because… Continue Reading

Artists For A Cause 2011

Artists For A Cause 2011

Here we are a week from Thanksgiving one more show this month for me – Art On State Street and the traditional marching band competition, away trip,  and visit to Magic Mountain. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain on Sunday because it if does Magic Mountain and Art on State Street will be postponed! We had… Continue Reading