Monthly Archives: October 2010

Almost the end of the month….

Oh no, a few days left of the month and Red Dirt is just 17 days away & closely followed by Artists For A Cause a week later! Its back to bracelet making and I’d love to make another Christmas tree throw to replace the one I sold. I’ve been trawling the internet looking for… Continue Reading

Amazing Weekend

Art for Heaven’s Sake was amazing. Silver coloured button bracelets, especially those with a tulip flew off my table. Saturday afternoon I ran out of them so I started gluing, stacking and sewing pearls onto the stacks of buttons in quiet moments. Saturday night I made another 4 silver bracelets and sold three of them… Continue Reading

Art For Heaven’s Sake! has arrived

Tonight the show starts, this afternoon is set up. I’ve got almost all I set out to do done on the infamous “To Do List”. A few more photos needed but not to worry… Come by and visit, I’m down in the garden, if you’re in Redlands with a few hours to spare. Music and… Continue Reading

Panic freezes my creative processes!

So here we are 2.5 days until until Art for Heaven’s Sake, my biggest Fall show, BUT my to do list doesn’t seem to be shrinking! I feel unable to do anything! Not good news. So this is what I think I have left to do and hopefully tomorrow I’ll get stuck in and perform… Continue Reading

Oops missed the 1st October Meet Up!

8 days until Art For Heaven’s Sake…. Last week I focused on finishing Christmas wall hangings and made a raggy Christmas tree throw. I’ve cut, sewn and quilted during the day accompanied by the audio book called “Eyes of the Overworld” by Jack Vance, written in the sixties.. Oh what fun. Our hero never seems… Continue Reading