Daily Archives: September 22, 2010

New style hanger for my button Christmas tree decorations

Last year I bought a packet of cute swirled hangers, from Target, for my button Christmas tree decorations. Saturday I was flicking through Homes & Gardens Christmas gift ideas magazine and saw a cute set of home made Christmas tree decorations hangers. The artist had a simple hook at the top, had then put a crimp bead and added a few cute beads and put a crimp bead as a stop. They were lovely and inspired me to make some for myself with the wire and beads I had available.


My wire wasn’t strong enough to make into a hook and keep its shape so I experimented and made it into a loop which I shaped over a circular sequin container.  I think they look very cute and I’ve used green, white and red buttons to make these decorations.

An Alternative Christmas Quilt

I’m quite excited because for years I’ve been making raggy Christmas tree quilts, of all sizes, as gifts for friends, family fundraisers for school and I’ve sold some. As much as I love them I really wanted to make something different this year and as I went checking out the Christmas fabric for this yearContinue Reading

What a fantastic surprise

Last week I entered 2 pieces of wearable recycled art into Rialto, CA’s recycling festival – a vintage abalone shell bracelet with fresh water pearls and a V Galet silk tie, handmade in Beverley Hills, CA c. 1940/1950s which I’d recycled it into a silk purse. I went to collect the bracelet and purse thisContinue Reading