Monthly Archives: September 2010

Panic attack time again!

Art For heaven’s Sake is just 2 weeks and 1 day away!  I know I am panic stricken and so are my friends Candy & Adele. On top of this the 3 of us are organizing Artists for a Cause on Sunday 14th November which is also creeping up!

So on the last day of the month is yet another list – but it does help me focus on what I really need to do, so here’s a brief recap…

50 bracelets – bought some addition pearls today, several trays of glued buttons ready to finish w/pearls & make into bracelets

50 prs earrings – 20 prs finished

24 button Xmas tree decorations 100%

4 Christmas wreath tops -need quilting and binding,

2 x 4 inch squares Christmas tree wall hangings

2 baby boy quilts – 100%

2 baby girl  & 1 neutral colour quilts – 100%

1 Christmas tree throw –100%

6 silk purses – might skip these due to time

Teri’s wall hanging – print off picture gather the rest of the fabrics, & go for it – have a lovely collection of charms for the tree.

Hem 1 table cloth

Flannel backs for baby quilts – Labour Day sales – 100% 3 backs and some fun remnants

yard sale sorting– on going

“domestic diva” – still trying and failing badly!

Surprise Halloween birthday quilts

Will suit/ performances

wisdom teeth Matt finally on the mend and back at school!

Yeah to my surprise the list looks better than I thought

Of course I’ve forgotten about business cards and will have to ask Geraint or Will to help me

Labels, price signs etc… not this week!

Studio – I’ve been using it and we move the furniture around last week and gave me a second work top! Bliss – I could lay out fabric for quilts. Now the Christmas fabric is like confetti…. everywhere!

Starting a Christmas tree wall hanging in the studio!


Will in his first suit feeling very self conscious – where did this almost 16 yr old 6ft 5 “ person come from?

New style hanger for my button Christmas tree decorations

Last year I bought a packet of cute swirled hangers, from Target, for my button Christmas tree decorations. Saturday I was flicking through Homes & Gardens Christmas gift ideas magazine and saw a cute set of home made Christmas tree decorations hangers. The artist had a simple hook at the top, had then put aContinue Reading

An Alternative Christmas Quilt

I’m quite excited because for years I’ve been making raggy Christmas tree quilts, of all sizes, as gifts for friends, family fundraisers for school and I’ve sold some. As much as I love them I really wanted to make something different this year and as I went checking out the Christmas fabric for this yearContinue Reading

What a fantastic surprise

Last week I entered 2 pieces of wearable recycled art into Rialto, CA’s recycling festival – a vintage abalone shell bracelet with fresh water pearls and a V Galet silk tie, handmade in Beverley Hills, CA c. 1940/1950s which I’d recycled it into a silk purse. I went to collect the bracelet and purse thisContinue Reading

Mid-month check in…

ooh the fall solstice tomorrow… 3 1/2 weeks to Art for Heaven’s Sake.. The to do list isn’t looking that good! 50 bracelets – 2 finished, loads of buttons glued, some with pearls 50 prs earrings – 20 prs ready for the final bits 24 button Xmas tree decorations 100% 6 Christmas wall hangings –Continue Reading