October is here?


Its hard to believe last Saturday I was loading up the car for the show at the Edward-Dean Museum.

2015-09-27 10_opt

This was a side photo of the booth… the most eye catching! Lots of looks…. And most importantly it was under the trees and quite cool, although I’d had enough by 4pm!

Now, its 3rd October, and once again time seems to be racing towards the holiday season with no brakes!

Last month was busy for me and the Redlands Art Association.

The RAA had its first Market Night with artists on the patio with additional art to sell. We had over 60 people come through the gallery on our first night, some made small purchases, which thrilled the artists. So we have 4 new artists this up coming Thursday and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer and hopefully as many people or more coming through the gallery.

Last week was hell, the ac went out in my car and 2 mechanic visits later we have a new compressor and bits. Sadly, it leaves us poorer!

So time to move on and start my personal preparations for the holiday season. I have 2 shows left to do, the Redlands Art Walk/ Redlands Art Association’s Art on State Street from noon – 6pm on Sunday 25th October (sister’s birthday!), plus I am applying to the YMCA and hopefully I’ll get into their Holiday boutique. It doesn’t seem much but its enough. I seem to be overwhelmed by my various “to do lists”…

Looking back over last month’s list…I think I could say I could do better but I had so much else to sort out!

September To Do List

Christmas cushions – no

Star Wars bags – no

Star Wars Full size throw – 2 made

Bracelets – 1 made, new buttons arrived…always exciting to see what’s in the box.

And a Dr. Who baby throw –no 

So this brings me to October…

October to do list!

Christmas cushions

Star Wars bags – 1 lg, 1sm

Bracelets – make new ones

Knitted scarves/shawls – I’ve made a few over the last 18 months and its time to sew in the ends and block press them ready for my last 2 shows and perhaps put a couple in my Etsy shop. I find knitting a real stress relief…so I need to sell the pieces to balance the yarn purchases!

Christmas tree throw for a friend from her fabrics and perhaps a secret present!

Sort out my fabrics. I feel like I’m drowning in them and its time for a purge, and sell some so others can enjoy them.

Think about some new Christmas ornaments/decorations for this year.

Not much really, the world wouldn’t come to an end if I didn’t  make any of it but its good for me to make new things and makes me feel better in myself!

In 10 days time the American Folklore Society is coming to Long Beach, almost just down the road, and I’m planning a weekend of listening to academic papers, catching up with old friends who I haven’t seen for a few years, oh and eating and drinking and hanging out. A good way to start that horrible special birthday celebration albeit 5 months time!

Edward-Dean Museum Art Show tomorrow…

I’ve been so busy, what with the Redlands Art Association and preparing for this show! I’ve made a few new pieces of jewelry, some Dr. Who earrings, a pair of cute cat earrings and another Star Wars throw! This time most of the fabric is from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My right hand and wrist are protesting at all the snipping last night, thankfully my fingers don’t hurt this time. And I was able to get to the laundrette by 10 am to get it washed. Despite Will and I smothering ourselves in lint shaking the throw, there are still white dots of lint on the back!

Star wars force awakens front_opt (1)

My not so invisible quilt holder, Will, showing the front.

Star Wars Force awakens back_opt (1)

Head and feet of Will as he shows the back for me. All the white spots are flecks of lint.

I love this Star Wars throw as much as the other two and its already in my Etsy shop for $170.

Well, I’m just about as ready as I’ll ever be. The boys helped pack the van tonight which takes off the pressure and Geraint will come and help me set up in the morning and drift over later in the afternoon to help pack up. I just need to sort out my picnic lunch tonight, wash out the mini ice chest and pack a few other bits I think I might need! Oh, and find some change. Sadly, they are forecasting temperatures up around 100f… and I was so hoping it would have dropped to the low-mid 90s! But at least its not raining!

I made a last minute, rash decision to get my hair trimmed this afternoon because I was soooo hot! I popped into my local hair salon and asked just an inch off the length to let my poor neck air! I didn’t have time for anything special and to be honest I’d rather wash my hair myself and let it air dry in the heat!Well I got the new girl and she got stuck, poor lass, another person came to help twice and they made the front level admittedly, but its like almost 2 inches shorter. I’m hoping a wash will make it settle down and look so much better…Fingers crossed!

There should be about 40 artist at the Museum tomorrow, in the events hall and in the grounds. I’m hoping people aren’t put off by the heat!

It’s creeping up to the end of the month…

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