Easter is just round the corner

And my front garden looks fab!

2014-04-06 14.54.14

California poppies in abundance, rescued snap dragons and small roses to name just a few of my treasures!

2014-04-15 18.35.50

Right in the centre is a little green shiny visitor – A humming bird. It was happily zipping around the front of the aloe flowers as I parked the car but as soon as I got the camera out it retreated to the back!

In the back garden the veggies are coming along with 3 cucumbers are already 4 inches long! Spinach, lettuce, onions, beets, chives, spring onions and herbs are growing well. The zucchini in the pots are doing better than those planted?! My self seeded toms are taking their own merry time, so I gave in and bought 2 tomato plants and I thought I’d try again with aubergine (a nicer name for eggplant!) I don’t know how many sweet pepper plants I sewed but I only have one left…its determined to do nothing so I might be buy a few of them as well!

I watched several inspirational gardening programs…one was about growing your own cut flowers! She suggested growing the herb dill for greenery and growing sweet peas. Cut the sweet peas daily and you’ll have sweat peas all summer. I was so inspired by this that I’ve sewn a row of sweet peas, some dill and I’m waiting to see what they do! I’ve also tried growing my own hollyhocks again only 2 have survived…Fingers crossed they are now big enough to survive and produce wonderful blooms.

In the mean time I’ve been experimenting with up-cycling clothing into bags… remember my lacy denim bags?

2014-03-08 12.13.24

This one was a work in progress, I put cotton lace underneath, and changed the flowers from cream to white and turquoise instead of green and then added pearls to finish them. I finished it with the same lace on ribbon strap! I’m tempted to keep this one for me!

I couldn’t stop there though…I’ve taken 2 different sized girls dresses and I’m just finishing them as well.

2014-04-15 19.05.57

Butterfly bag

It has a full bag inside (I forgot to take a photo!) I’m finishing the strap – I’ve made it a cross body strap with a fun buckle so it can be shortened to a shoulder bag, and I’m experimenting with crocheted butterflies for the tab at the front!

2014-04-15 19.06.56

This used to be part of the skirt of a spotty flounced dress! I love spotty fabrics but have never really liked wearing them! I thought this might make a fun bag! I’ve constructed a real bag to go inside it and used as much of the fabric up as possible.

2014-04-15 19.04.42

I loved this piece of the back of the dress so it became the front of my inside pocket…plus it created a secret pocket!

Hopefully these 2 bags will be speedily finished and then I can make some more in time for Art in the Yard on 26th April in Riverside, CA.

April showers

Yes, we are into April and here in our corner of Southern California we’ve been blessed with some showers this week. The garden looks so green and lush.

2014-03-25 11.01.01-1

My own California Poppy Field with other spring flowers

Last weekend was the show “Elements” at the Olive Market in Redlands. It was a fabulous Spring Day, perfect temperatures, friends, lovely food and customers. Many thanks to those who stopped by to visit and purchase something from the artists.

2014-03-29 09.38.23-1

I was thrilled to display my felted nesting boxes, not for birds I hasten to add. They are great for knick knacks or what ever you want to use them for. I use mine for my jewelry tools on my desk!2014-03-29 09.39.14-1

I love them all, but the ones with the flowers are adorable. I’m now knitting up my hand dyed wool into felted boxes … I’m looking forward to seeing the results. I need to wind more wool into skeins and dye some more more wool…. ooh that’s exciting.

I’ve continued crocheting flowers (I find them addictive) and made a couple more necklaces. I was thrilled to sell the one I entered into the Multi Media Mini Show.

2014-03-21 18.03.04                                                                  2014-03-27 12.08.16

“Forget-me-nots”                                                                              2 more necklaces…I love the white and pale blue

They have freshwater pearls in their centres and the green one has a rhinestone in the centre. I shall be putting some of these in my Etsy Store.

Time is March–ing on!

So sorry about the pun. I’ve been so busy and the month is disappearing with 2 Spring breaks…next to each other! I feel like I’ve done nothing but that’s not true! I entered the Redlands Art Association Multi Media Mini Show and was thrilled that both my pieces were accepted – of course in the… Continue Reading

Its raining…

Oh the much needed rain is pouring! The garden looks greener, the plants fresher and the air quality much improved! We’ve sadly watched the east of the country deluged in snow all winter and Britain had the wettest winter in 200+ years while we were suffering from drought. But the bigger news of the week… Continue Reading

Seeds are blooming

I was thrilled to see my seeds were taking off and really need to be planted on now! Walking up the path after dropping the boys off this morning I noticed some little tomato seedling sprouting in the garden bed where I had those 2 massive tomato plants last year! They are only 2 leaves… Continue Reading

Happy 1st Birthday to my left knee!

Yes, it’s a year and 2 days since I braved having my first knee replacement operation. At 57 it was  becoming too painful to walk any distance or use stairs. But I was only young! The second specialist I saw in 2012 said I would be wheel chair bound by 65 unless I had knee… Continue Reading

New ideas…

I’ve been wanting to take some jewelry classes to learn some new techniques. In January my friend Adele and I went to the bead show in Pasadena and took a  riveting class. We had great fun and met other friends who were also taking some classes at the show. My first attempt at riveting It… Continue Reading

February already…

My “baby” turned 17 on Saturday, he’s taller than me and has a head of curly hair, something I always wanted but my sisters got instead! Matt opening one of his presents on our bed In the mean time I’ve been working on my quilt and its coming along! From piles of circles I progressed… Continue Reading