Its been a long sad month

My June to do list and life got put on hold for 6 weeks. My sister rang to say my father had been admitted to the local hospital with a view to transferring him to St. Thomas’ Hospital in London for a heart operation. After a week I can home to the UK, and joined my sisters and step-mum on a staggered daily visiting routine so he wouldn’t feel too lonely. He just wanted one of us with him.

Enough to say I was glad I was there with them to share the ritual. The next 10 days saw him deteriorate a little bit more and it became obvious that the chances of the operation were slipping away. He passed away Monday 16th June about 10.15pm, peacefully, after a difficult weekend. We’d all seen him that evening and he’d wished us all “Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The funeral will be Tuesday 1st June. Just a simple Latin mass followed by a burial at Our Lady of Consolation Church, West Grinstead, in the Sussex Downs. Who could ask for more.

Sadly, I can’t upload photos… they will have to wait until I get home in mid July.

The support from family and friends has been much appreciated by all of us.


June already – time for a “to do list”!

The end of the school year is just round the corner for Matt and Will finished May term at the university! The City decided, in its infinite wisdom, to resurface roads – one of which was on our daily route to the university and of course the other one is on the route to and from Matt’s school and the local middle school, with a mere 3 weeks until the end of year you’d have thought the City could have attacked some other roads!

Art in the Park came and went, it seemed quieter than last year and was definitely warmer! Many thanks to all who stopped to visit.

2014-05-25 10.18.20

Will came down to help set up on the Sunday morning.

May’s to do list was short

1.Make some new up-cycled bags – brown, lemon, white & denim.

2. Change the eyes on the Father Christmas wall hanging.

3. Felt some cream felted boxes with flowers and butterflies for my Etsy shop.

4. Crochet more butterflies for butterfly cards.

5. Crochet more flowers to make necklaces.

6. Experiment with matching earrings.

7. Take photos of new bags, jewelry.

8. Purchase a cone of white embroidery floss and arrange a “dying” session with Candy!

I think I did quite well with the May list as usual I ran out of time.

June’s list is reduced to 14 days. Sadly my Dad’s failing health of  is taking me home for a few weeks but it leaves a list of things to do before I leave and not just the domestic kind either.

1. Finish commissioned hip bag in the Cath Kidson “Monuments” fabric this week and sadly I’m running out of fabric!

2. Take – in Friday at Redlands Art Association (check out their new web site design and implemented by Candy of Candied Fabrics – its great).

3. Organize a small jewelry making kit to pop into my suitcase so I could tinker around at home!

4. Sort out my circular needles and some yarn so I can take some knitting for the long plane flight.

5. Art for Heaven’s Sake application photos (need Will’s help here) and submit it before I go!

6. Anything else that needs to be done – hopefully a swift tidy up of the studio is included in this!

Its going to be a busy 6 weeks! I think the boys can cope. I guess they’ll be playing games on the computer, going to Magic the Gathering nights, washing when necessary, and watering the garden because they know I’ll be upset if my veggie plot dies!

I’ll miss them all but I’ll get some “girl” time with my sisters and nieces – which should be fun as we haven’t done that for 3 years! I hope the knees cope, it’s the first time I’ve done anything this adventurous since the operations last year. I’m sure going through security is going to be fun!

So busy and so little time  – “Art in the Park” is ONE week away!

So busy and so little time – “Art in the Park” is ONE week away!

I’ve been plodding along this month, making butterflies and bags! And sorting out paintings for a one man show for my husband but I think this deserves its own post later in the week. Its time for a speedy check of the “to do” list because the show is exactly ONE week away and I’mContinue Reading

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

No Art in the Park this weekend, as in previous years. It was permanently moved to tie in with the Celebration of Redlands Arts, Memorial Day weekend, after its huge success last year. Instead, we had a quiet day at home and dinner out at my favourite Thai restaurant, Thai Bowl Café in Loma LindaContinue Reading

Paris in the Spring

Paris in the Spring

Well something like that! No, I’ve not been whisked off to romantic parts for a few days instead I’ve made myself a summer bag! Paris hip bag 8 x 7 x2.5 with long strap. I’ve walked passed this Fabric in Hancock’s since early Spring and thought it was wall paper! I looked closer last weekContinue Reading

A May to do list!

I haven’t written “to do lists” for a while but with the upcoming Art in the Park Show, Memorial Day Weekend, and applications for Fall Shows due in June its time to start working… 1. Make some new up-cycled bags – brown, lemon, white & denim. 2. Change the eyes on the Father Christmas wallContinue Reading

April blows out!

We’ve had a gusty day today, palm frond plummeting to the ground and the wind chimes playing for long periods of the day! My poppies are coming to an end and the roses need dead heading! More time in the garden is called taking me away from my sewing! Last weekend was Art in theContinue Reading

Easter is just round the corner

And my front garden looks fab! California poppies in abundance, rescued snap dragons and small roses to name just a few of my treasures! Right in the centre is a little green shiny visitor – A humming bird. It was happily zipping around the front of the aloe flowers as I parked the car butContinue Reading