Spring is well under way

Wow, my denim flower necklace made it into the RAA multi media mini show. Sadly, the blue and white flowers with the butterfly didn’t make it in but the next show is Petal Power and it fits that theme. Take in for Petal Power is Friday 27th March and the show coincides with Redlands Annual Flower Show.

The tree trimmers came to hack back trees and shrubs reaching into the electricity wires and broke my big earthenware flower pot so I bought a new planter from my friend Jill of Jillybean pottery.  Belatedly I filled them full of crocus and blue iris FINALLY they are starting to bloom!

2015-03-12 11_opt        2015-03-12 11_opt (1)

I love the texture of the brown pot and the greeny glaze, (how technical!) on the right pot. Right now, she’s busy making and glazing planters for a huge botanical show in Arizona – all the best Jill.

Finally, I found some matte, black agate 6mm beads which I liked and made myself a “mourning bracelet” for my Dad! When he initially passed away last summer my sisters and I were talking about making one. We thought it would be nice to wear something simple as an indication we were in mourning, rather than long detailed explanations. We talked about all kinds of bracelets. I remembered worry beads and how recovering alcoholics and drug addicts are encouraged to wear an elastic band to play with if they are stressed and craving a drink or drugs.

I’ve always love Victorian Mourning Jewelry. I can’t say I was thrilled with the hair jewelry but I fell in love with the black and gold mourning jewelry. After finding these beads recently I made myself a bracelet -

2015-03-04 17_opt

Black Agate beads, brass and gold plated findings, gold plated chain (not on elastic thread)

I then made a couple more and put one in my Etsy shop Something Old, Something Blue  for $25. I would make one to order. I used a lobster clasp and chain to close the bracelet so the size is easily adjustable.

http://redlands-art.org/2015-03-04 19_opt

I think I might add a black agate bead to the end of the chain and see how that looks.

Now its time to think about the Spring Show Season.

Redlands Art Association has partnered with the Downtown Redlands Art Walk and the first Art Walk/Show will be on Sunday 29th March.

My friend Adele of Elegant LMB Designs and I are going to try the Riverside Art Museum show at the end of April.

I’m applying for a new show in San Bernardino in May

Then there will be the Redlands Art Association – Art in the Park, Memorial Day weekend.

So it’s a busy time and I’m back to making, new bags, and jewelry for the up coming shows.

Perhaps its time for a famous “TO DO” List!

RAA Multi Media Mini Show

Its that time of year again… The Redlands Art Association opened its door to multi-media pieces no bigger than 14 & 1/2 inches in any direction, yesterday. Hopeful artists submitted a maximum of 3 pieces to be juried into the show. On a cold wet Sunday, 338 pieces were submitted for the jurying process, by artist Leslie Brown.

Art work waiting to be juried.

I decided to submit 2 pieces of jewelry to the show.

2015-03-01 12.38.01  

“Butterfly in the flowers” – crochet cotton flowers & butterfly with fresh water pearls attached to sterling silver chain.

  2015-03-01 12.38.34

“Denim Flowers” – with pale blue agate, crystals and fresh water pearls.

The jurying process is today, and prizes awarded, our envelopes with acceptance or sadly rejections will be in the mail tomorrow, then there is the patron’s shopping trip and patrons awards Thursday and finally the show officially opens Friday afternoon with a big reception between 5-7pm.

The artist’s “Prize Giving” and reception will be on Sunday afternoon.

The show is up until Friday 27th March when it is take down and take –in for the annual flower show/tour.

I hope everyone gets at least one piece accepted.

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